How to Grow your Business on Instagram

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Instagram offers enormous potential for small company owners to increase their marketing efforts, and marketers everywhere are aware of this given that it is predicted to have 1.2 billion users by 2023. Seventy-eight percent of marketers use Instagram, ranking it second in significance behind Facebook, and sixty-four percent of marketers want to grow their Instagram activity over the course of the upcoming year, according to Social Media Examiner’s 2021 social media marketing study.

Instagram’s potential is more closely tied to user behavior than to the sheer volume of active users: people like interacting with marketers. According to Instagram, 90% of users follow a company on the social media site. Additionally, 54% of individuals have made a purchase after viewing a product or Instagram service, according to data collected in 2019 by Facebook.

Small company owners who don’t have the time or money for pricey marketing initiatives may find Instagram to be very useful. Without a specialized marketing staff or a sizable budget, unpaid social media marketing allows you to increase your consumer base; all you need is a free account and a smartphone camera to get started. Just take a look at the successful Instagram presence of Southern Elegance Candle Company (SECC).

SECC generates over $100,000 per month and has a devoted fan following thanks to social media. Once you are aware of some fundamental Instagram best practices, Instagram may help you expand your small company.

Can Instagram be successful for your small business?

Owning a local book store, an online store, a landscaping company, an auto repair shop, or a yoga studio may all succeed on Instagram. You can succeed on Instagram if your target audience uses it.

However, if you can only devote attention to one or two social media channels, you should make sure that Instagram is well-liked by your target market. Here are several methods for learning.

1. Consult your clients

The simplest thing to do is to just inquire if your consumers are Instagram users!

Send a brief survey to your consumers asking about their social media usage if you already have an email list of them. Find out which platforms they use the most and where they like to follow businesses.

Typeform and SurveyMonkey are two free services you may use to poll your audience. Even a social media survey template is available on Typeform that you may get ideas from. Create questions just for it that will provide the information about your

2. Compare your intended audience to the users of Instagram

On some social media networks, certain demographic groups are more engaged than others. Compare the psychographics (psychological characteristics like interests, personality, and values) and demographics (facts like age, gender, income, geography, etc.) of your target audience with the social media platforms you’re thinking about using.

For instance, the 50-64 age group dominates Pinterest, while the 18-29 age group is most active on Instagram.

3. Consider your rivals

Customers of your rivals are also potential new clients for you. Therefore, it’s probable that your customers are on Instagram if companies like yours are having success there. All you have to do is start

Developing a small business’s Instagram strategy from scratch

It’s crucial to start with specific goals in mind to direct the sort of material you should publish on Instagram, whether you’re entirely new to Instagram and getting ready to share your first post or are well established and trying to increase your profile on the network.

Aims for small companies on Instagram

You may upload a wide variety of content on Instagram. Setting goals can help you clarify your Instagram marketing approach and focus, which will make deciding what to post much simpler.

Here are a few typical objectives that small firms could select:

  • greater sales
  • expand their clientele
  • strengthen brand loyalty
  • amplify brand awareness
  • Boost online traffic

Create content themes or pillars that are in line with your audience.

Choosing themes that direct your material might be beneficial if you are aware of your objectives. When your brand is more dependable, your audience knows what to anticipate from you and is eager to engage with you. Behind-the-scenes material is one example of a sort of content that can be a content pillar (or theme):

Tortuga, a manufacturer of travel bags, provides a sneak preview of new product designs here. The brand’s followers flocked to the comments section to express their approval and criticism of the designs.

The content pillars might also be based on interests, such as productivity:

The task organiser software Sunsama regularly publishes productivity advice, like this one, and frequently offers their perspective on how to work more effectively.

Make your content pillars informed by the interests of your audience. Simply said, it must be consistent with your brand. It wouldn’t make sense for Sunsama’s consumers to upload travel-related content as a to-do list app, even if they were avid travellers.

Instagram content pillar examples to help you get started:

In order to further its objective, Girlfriend Collective, for instance, frequently publishes about diversity, body positivity, stunning natural settings, and sustainability. The brand leverages user-generated content (UGC) to maintain a personable vibe and product previews to generate excitement before a launch.

As part of a product promotion, Girlfriend here depicts various body shapes in a natural setting:

Head space, a meditation app, publishes informational materials on mental health:

And in this instance, Hairstory employs polls on Instagram Stories to elicit discussions about self-care:

Select the content categories you wish to publish on Instagram.

It’s time to start blogging now that you are aware of your objectives and the topics you want to cover.

  • Regular posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, Reels, and IGTV are the five different types of postings available on the Instagram app. Regular posts and Instagram Stories continue to be the two most popular posting options on the platform, but here is a breakdown of all of them:
  • Evergreen are regular Instagram postings. Unless you remove them, they’ll remain there. These appear on the Instagram feeds of your followers.
  • Instagram Stories last for fifteen seconds and disappear after twenty-four hours. Stories are better suited to content that is more informal
  • Instagram Live is a real-time recording that shows in your followers’ Stories feeds, allowing you to observe viewers as they join and read comments as they are sent.
  • Similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels is a sort of short-form video that may last up to 60 seconds and allows you to stitch together various footage as well as add music and sound effects.
  • Similar to YouTube is IGTV. Long-form videos that are up to ten minutes long can be uploaded. This is ideal for things like guided exercises, tutorials, and product demos.

8 effective practises for using Instagram for small companies

Use these best practises to succeed now that you are aware of the type of content you want to produce.

Create a proper Instagram company profile.

Your Instagram profile functions similarly to the platform’s home page. It explains your identity and purpose to the public.

beginning with your profile photo You need people to recognise your brand. As your profile image, use your company’s logo or brand emblem.

Add your bio after that

This should reflect your organisation and demonstrate to potential customers what you do as a business. You might include your company’s name or define your industry.

Finally, add your link:

Contrary to other social networks, not every post can have links added. The URL in your profile is the only one you receive. Although links may also be shared within Instagram Stories by Instagram profiles with more than 10,000 followers.

To increase traffic, most companies link to their homepage:

However, you may also, like NikkieTutorials does, update your profile with a link to anything you mentioned in your most recent post, whether it be a blog article, a recipe, or a YouTube video. Alternately, you might utilise a link-in-bio tool to direct them to a landing page with a variety of links that your target demographic would find interesting.

Followers of the food blog I Love Vegan may access the site’s homepage, locate resources, or click on images from recent Instagram posts to be sent to the recipe by clicking on the link in the profile’s Instagram bio.

Be genuine rather than pushy

Remember, it’s a post, not an advertisement. People must want to look at the information. It might be your product, or it could be more general information like a dentist blogging on how to properly wash your teeth.

Headspace, a meditation app, writes the following regarding mental health:

To make your account worth following, combine your promotional content with plenty of non-salesy

Engage your audience.

Instagram success requires more than just sharing attractive images. Talk to the Instagram users who are engaged with you.

Reply to comments, follow them back, and like their articles to keep the dialogue going. You’ll develop bonds with your fans as a result, which will motivate them to keep interacting with you.

Build an organic audience rather than purchasing it.

Although it may be tempting to purchase Instagram followers to improve your analytics, this won’t help your business develop. Followers that you purchased won’t engage with you. Additionally, if people discover that you purchased followers, they can lose faith in you and refuse to do business with you.

Instead, use high-quality content to entice new viewers. Put your Instagram handle at the bottom of emails or beside the cash register to get current customers to follow you there.

To increase your reach, use hashtags.

People may find the stuff they’re interested in using hashtags. To increase the visibility of your posts and the number of your followers, include them in the Instagram descriptions.

While coming up with hashtags to utilise, you may search on Instagram to find out how many posts contain that particular hashtag. This is an excellent way to gauge popularity. So that your message doesn’t get lost in the crowd, stick to hashtags with fewer than 1 million postings.

If you own a local business, you should think about using regional hashtags to locate customers.

To retarget the same users on Instagram, utilise carousels.

Instagram Carousels are standard posts that contain numerous images or videos. They serve as a little photo book and let you appear several times in the Instagram feeds of your followers.

Here, Hairstory employs carousels to display four various styles of hair colour for curly hair.

Viewers have the option to scroll through the images, but if they choose not to, a different image from the carousel post may subsequently appear in their feed.

Posting often

Your audience can learn to anticipate new material from you and develop a habit of engaging with you on Instagram if you are consistent and produce frequently. The Instagram algorithm rewards you by placing your content at the front of your followers’ feeds the more they engage with you.

Maintaining a regular schedule ensures that engagement is maximised without experiencing any lulls in activity. Once a week is plenty to begin going.

Measure your Instagram success to ensure that your efforts are paying off.

Make sure your marketing efforts are yielding results. You won’t have many followers at first, and your engagement rate will also be modest, as it will take time to develop a following. Be not disheartened!

To make sure you’re expanding over time, keep an eye on your interaction and following count. And focus even more on what


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